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Planning a group Itinerary !!

Planning an itinerary for a group can be difficult, so let us help you to make it easy!!

1. How many days do you have?

2. Make a list of everything you would like to do

3. Use our proforma planner to start laying out your activities on certain days, and rough time line (don't use actual times, just first activity to last)

4. Using our list of Activities, with contact details, rough costs and amount of time required, continue to fill in your planner, and see if it works

5. You may need to juggle or shuffle a few times to get it close to right, and keep in mind logistics (how long will it take to get from A to B)

6. Once it looks like it fits and you've allowed for travel time, you can go ahead and start to book...

The resources are here to help you, and if you want us to make the bookings, we are happy to help, but you need to have an idea of where and when you want to do things...

Just remember, travelling in a group takesĀ  longer than normal, so give yourselves times to move around between activities..

Walking is not just good exercise, but an awesome way to take in some of Melbourne's architecture, history and culture... plus it wears the kids out...


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